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Training & assessment we can help you with

Wood Chipper 

From novice courses to refresher training. We can include loading and unloading of tracked machines, track and blade changing, maintenance training to suit your needs.

Tree Felling  

From small trees (200mm) through to specialist felling of large trees, from novice user courses through to experienced operator refresher events. We can help you identify the best options available depending on your clients' or personal preferences.


We can deliver both vehicle-mounted and hand-operated winch training so operators can work safely but also as efficiently as possible. The latest guidence from the HSE is available to download from our useful information page.

Site Supervisor & Manager Training

Whatever the operational activity we have developed industry sector-specific training to enable attendees to understand current good practice standards and undertake site inspections and audits.

Behavioural Safety

This topic is extremely popular with larger employers as it can greatly reduce accidents and improve profitability. Give us a call and we can explain the details and reasons behind it. Our events are specific to our industry sectors.

Manual Handling

The Lantra Awards half day course is very popular and takes up to 10 attendees. It's a mix of practical and theory sessions. The latest HSE guidance is available to download from our useful information page.

Hazards and Risk Assessment

We usually tailor this course to your company specific requirements, systems and documentation or we can guide you through other options.

Stump Grinder

Pedestrian or self powered drive, towed or tracked, PTO or machine-mounted we can tailor the course or use the off the shelf options.

Strimmer / Clearing Saw

The operation of this equipment used to be regarded as relatively low risk until a fatality in 2013. Customers and clients have become more aware of the need for operator competence.


Hedge Cutters

Operators who understand machine maintenance, good practice and different cutting techniques are more efficient and produce better work quality. The equipment also has a longer working life.

Tree Climbing and Rescue

From basic climbing  to more advanced equipment and techniques. From tailored company-specific staff appraisals and refreshers,  Lantra Awards training and assessment, or training courses leading to City and Guilds assessments, we can help what ever your needs may be.

Rope Access

We have a lot of experience in developing tailored training and delivering rope access climbing and equipment demonstrations and awareness events. We often work with specialist equipment manufacturers to ensure the training fits the work environment.

LOLER - Operator, Supervisor, Manager Awareness

We can complete LOLER examinations, deliver update or refresher courses for operators, also general introductory or awareness training or refresher events for supervisors and managers.


From basic awareness through to full courses and assessment. Ecoplug and PA1 and 6AW are the most common courses we co-ordinate. We can help with either the City and Guilds assessments or the Lantra Awards training and assessment. 

Trailer Towing

From new or existing staff appraisals or evaluations, refreshers for less experienced drivers or trailer reversing training leading to the DVSA test, often called the B+E test. We also deliver the Lantra Awards off road trailer towing courses.


We're approved by BALI as a training provider and can help you gain the LISS cards your operators may need to work on construction sites.


See our ROLO  Health Safety & Environmental Training tab above for more details.



PUWER - Operator, Supervisor, Manager Awareness

Just like our LOLER events we can deliver update or refresher courses for operators, also general introductory or awareness training or refresher events for supervisors and managers.

Fire Training

Because employers need it to satisfy legal requirements and help ensure staff safety, we deliver fire awareness and fire extinguisher training certificated by the Fire Protection Association FPA.



Specialist Training

We can help by producing specialist machine training that may not be available through the normal providers. If required we can usually get these endorsed by the commonly recognised awarding organisations.



Lantra Awards Training & Assessment

If you need off the shelf training with industry recognised certification that's no problem. We are an approved Lantra Awards training provider.



City and Guilds Assessment

We work with Assessment Centres throughout the UK so you have easy access to integrated or independent assessment options through your local centre.



Bio Security Awareness Training

Bio security is defined as a set of precautions that aim to prevent the introduction and spread of harmful organisms. These may be pests, pathogens or invasive species.


We can usually link this awareness training with other topics to save time and cost. It will show your operators what to look out for and how to reduce the potential spread of harmful organisms. Our training includes the provision of detailed information including identification guidance which you could share with your customers. Information on how to actively plan and manage your business activities to ensure the possibility of introduction and spread of pest and disease is kept to a minimum as part of your normal working practices. 

It can help you to inform and assist your customers comply with any applicable legal requirements such as Plant Health Act and Plant Heath Orders. 

There are many more topic areas so please just ask

An approved instructor / assessor and training provider with ATB Landbase then Lantra since 1991

NPTC and from 1991 City and Guilds assessor. Martin was one of the first national assessment centres

An approved ROLO instructor since 2012 and  training provider since 2015



Martin started delivering fire extinguisher training certificated by the FPA in 2012 due to the legal requirement for staff fire training

Martin began working as an instructor at agricultural colleges on a freelance basis in the 1980's. He became a Forestry Training Council (FTC) instructor assessor before becoming a Forestry and Arboriculture Safety and Training Council (FASTCo) approved instructor and assessor.
He became an Agricultural Training Board instructor assessor, which then changed its name to ATB Landbase. This was to evolve into Lantra and then Lantra Awards as we know it now. Around the same time he became an National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) assessor which was later incorporated into City and Guilds Landbased Services.

Martin has worked as a verifier for both Lantra Awards and NPTC / City and Guilds and has helped both awarding organisations with developing qualifications and assessments.



We will soon be adding links to the list below so you can access the latest information from these groups and committees


Martin currently sits on:

The Arboricultural Association's (AA) Education and Training Committee 

The AA's Utility Arboriculture Group (UAG) 

The National Highways Sector Scheme Committee (NHSS 18)

The Arboricultural and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) Committee 

The Forestry Contracting Association (FCA) safety team 

and two Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) working groups


If you have an issue you would like passed on at one of these events please let Martin know. He would be happy to raise it and feed back any information or comments.

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