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LOLER Independent Thorough Examination Service

We offer an independent cost effective examination service anywhere in the UK. This is aimed at helping you fulfil one element of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 requirements. 


If you are an employer or self-employed person providing lifting equipment for use at work, or you have control of the use of lifting equipment, then the Regulations will apply to you. We aim to support you as and when you need us and can help you produce, develop and manage your LOLER systems. If you have questions or would like to be kept aware of industry development and changes or safety alerts when they are issued, we can help.


As part of our services we can produce compliant examination records but we also provide: In service or user equipment check record forms, equipment and PPE issue record forms as well.



We have regular clients using our examination services throughout the UK, so we will probably be working locally to you at times. 

We offer the basic one off examination of climbing, rigging and access equipment or help you plan your annual exams so you have less hassle. We also offer and would always recommend, the examination process is completed with input from and training for the equipment user. In this way the user becomes a reliable and effective part of the company LOLER compliance systems.


The more the user understands their responsibilities around maintaining the equipment, the easier it is for the organisation to reduce costs and ensure the maximum lifespan of the equipment. This also helps ensure the record keeping requirements run smoothly and efficiently.

Common misunderstanding

Many people, including qualified examiners, do not always consider the LOLER ACOP L113 guidance so do not examine accessories on a 6 month basis. Ask your examiner to explain the details and they should refer you to regulation 9 and the following text that's on page 49.


(3) Subject to paragraph (6), every employer shall ensure that lifting equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in dangerous situations is –

(a) thoroughly examined –

     (i)    in the case of lifting equipment for lifting persons or an accessory for lifting, at least every 64


     (ii)   in the case of other lifting equipment, at least every 12 months; or

     (iii)  in either case, in accordance with an examination scheme; and

     (iv) each time that exceptional circumstances which are liable to jeopardise the safety of the

           lifting equipment have occurred; and,

(b) if appropriate for the purpose, is inspected by a competent person at suitable intervals

     between thorough examinations,

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