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Expert Witness Services

Martin has been supplying expert witness services directly to the Health and Safety Executive since 2016. He also provides this service to independent law firms and solicitors.


This work involves an site accident investigation, review of evidence and other expert witness reports, coordination and set up of accident re-enactment / demonstrations, production of expert witness reports offering opinions on the specific case and providing testimony in both crown and coroners court proceedings.



One case related to a fatal electrical utility arboriculture accident; the crown court case was a total of five weeks. Other services have related to:

  • A fatal tree felling accident in a timber harvesting / forestry operations site
  • A fatality in a domestic garden as a result of amenity arboricultural operations
  • A severe injury accident incurred during woodchipper operations
  • An accident resulting in life changing injuries during a commercial arboricultural accident

Martin also undertakes related accident and incident work for larger employer organisations. Please give Martin a call on 07901514259 or send him an email via the contacts page.


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