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City & Guilds

The City &Guilds units have been the only utility arb certification our industry has had since around 1999. Our industry stakeholders are familiar with the units but should be aware other options are also available now.


It is often the case that people do not realise that C&G are only involved in the final assessments and do not approve instructors or manage the associated training. 


IC&G now only recognise their own awards as prerequisite units for higher level UA awards.

Lantra have agreed to enable operators to use any awards as prerequisites.


We can deliver the training and the assessments for all the C&G units.



Arboricultural Association Utility Approved Contractor Scheme

The UAG and Arb Association approved contractor scheme is now available. As the author and lead assessor for the scheme, Martin has now put many organisations through the approval process.


 The utility scheme is designed to enable contractors to gain accreditation in all or just one of the scheme specialisms as appropriate to their contract works.


Accreditation is only given to contractors that can robustly demonstrate their compliance with industry good practice and high quality standards.


By using independent, trained auditors with an in-depth knowledge of the industry, the scheme can help demonstrate to clients the professional and proactive health, safety and environmental standards the contractor follows.


It also includes criteria specifically related to the contract standards, so in effect the scheme assessments are an additional site audit to those the client completes.

Lantra Awards

We ran the first Lantra Awards utility training course and assessments in Dec 2017. These new awards from Lantra are very similar to the familiar UA awards but have additional elements within the training. The industry now has a choice of two awarding organisations' qualifications.


It will take a little time for the industry to get used to different-looking ID cards and certificates, however all should be equally recognised with the C&G UA units as they are so similar.











EOS Contracting based near Ledbury achieved both the AA Amenity approved contractor scheme and the electrical elements of the utility scheme in 2017. This is quite a feat in one assessment process.


EOS is run by Andrew Gardner, Will Maycock and Alex Gurney. Andrew is the current chairman of the AA UAG.


In the image the team is setting up for some LV outage work for WPD.



Ground Control who are an existing Amenity Scheme Approved Contractor were also successful with the rail, highways, electrical, waterways and telecomms elements of the utility scheme.




In the image the team is reducing trees adjacent to the A6.



We can deliver our own UA training using materials which we have been using and developing since 1999. We can then use either the Lantra Awards assessments or the City & Guilds assessments whichever the attendees prefer. 


Martin is currently helping Lantra Awards to develop their training materials so there is consistency in training delivery. He is the Lantra verifier for utility arboriculture.


Martin is the lead assessor for the Arboricultural Association's Utility Approved Contractor Scheme.



UA Training courses and assessments

We are currently helping develop and deliver the Lantra utility arboriculture rail surveyor training and qualification. Please give Martin a call on 07901 514 259 or via our contacts page, if you may be interested in this rail sector specific industry recognised training and assessment.

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