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A List of CSCS recognised ROLO / LISS course dates and a costs guide is shown at the bottom of this page


It is always best to drop us an email or call if you're interested in attending a ROLO course, as the demand for this service is very dynamic and liable to change at short notice. We are regularly asked to coordinate and deliver courses very quickly to meet urgent requirements.

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)   Register Of Landscape Operatives (ROLO)

A LISS/CSCS card must be held by anyone working in a landbased occupation (those listed below) on construction sites, on the highways, or on sites where the employing contractor is required to be NHSS 18 accredited. To get a card each individual must have taken and passed both the CSCS / CITB Health and Safety Test and a ROLO course and test.


For guidance about revising for the CSCS H&S test try the CSCS web page here.


As it can be difficult to find your way to the relevant websites for more information we have provided links to help you. You can also just give Martin a call on 07901 514259 or drop us an email via the contacts page.


BALI is the UK’s representative trade association for the landscape sector and is the administrator for the Landbased Industry Skills Scheme (LISS) and the National Highways Sector Scheme 18 (for the Natural environment and Landscape, including Ecology).


The LISS/CSCS card has been around for a good few years now and in the near future it will be able to records details of the holder’s health and safety training and relevant industry qualifications / competencies in the following occupational areas:


Although the ROLO course content is generic we can include tailored elements to ensure each group or individual gets the best from the event. Because the course covers a wide range of common topics it's a good staff induction course. We can add elements into the training such as fire awareness and extinguisher use and a practical manual handling session if needed which eliminates the need for two extra course saving time and additional costs.


The most common groups attending our ROLO courses are:


The Next Course

We run ROLO courses at regular intervals throughout the year and throughout the UK.


We deliver courses for large and small organisations all over the UK. It may be possible to join an existing course which reduces the cost for all the attendees.


Just drop us an email, via the contact page, and we'll let you know the dates and locations of the next courses.


We also work with other training providers so if you need a course quickly we can put you in touch with our colleagues around the uk.


You can always call Martin for more details on

 07901 514259

Arborists and Tree Workers

Struggling with the Details?


You're not alone -  it can be very confusing


  • Which course or test do you need?
  • Which qualifications do you hold and which are accepted?
  • How old can past certificates or training be?
  • Will you need refresher evidence for the application?
  • Which type of card do you need so you can do the range of jobs you need to on site?
  • Will you need more than one card if you do more than one role on site?



Stress not!


We can help explain your options so you can select the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

We don't claim to know everything about LISS, CSCS, ROLO, NHSS 18, but if we don't know the answer we will know someone who does.



Training, Test and Certification Cost

We charge a day rate regardless of attendee numbers so the more people attend the cheaper it becomes for everyone.


It's not always possible to fill a course to maximum capacity of 12 but if we could the cost could be as low as £80 per person depending on the venue cost.


The training and test are completed in one day. We can co-ordinate a venue or if you have a meeting room then there is no extra cost.


The ROLO certificates which we order for course attendees are issued by BALI, they are currently charged at cost.


We only charge travel or overnight expenses at cost.


There is VAT to add to our fees.

We are currently planning ROLO courses in:


Regular Venues


Course dates       



North West England, Preston            Usually one every month        
Midlands, Coventry    
South East England, Essex - Hemel Hempstead    
Coventry area.    
Gloucestershire area    
Recent enquiries and cost guide    
Bristol / Gloucestershire -     
Leeds -     
Daventry -     
Penrith - 


Durham -     
South Scotland / Dumfries -     

As a cost guide our fees are around £80 per person plus vat if a course with 12 attendees at one venure can be coordinated.

On-line courses are available.

We currently have 3 instructors delivering this course.    


There are often spaces available on course so give Martin a call for more details.

The venue hire and numbers of attendees can change the per person cost on each course. We aim to gather as many people as possible for each course to help keep the cost low.



Martin Lennon is a BALI ROLO approved instructor and training provider. He also sits on the NHSS 18 Scheme Committee. He has been delivering ROLO training since 2012.

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