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The world wide recognised IOSH Managing Safely Course

This course is delivered by our commercially-experienced approved and qualified instructor, not just approved by IOSH as a training provider and instructor but approved by a number of UK awarding organisations.


Our aim is to ensure the course content and the topics covered over the four days of training are tailored to the attendees' work operations. This ensures the attendees can return to work and implement realistic skills and knowledge that will make positive safety change for the business.


We truly believe that good health and safety management results in financial improvements and ensures sustainability. This well- recognised and respected course helps attendees to fully understand their roles and responsibilities and clarifies sometimes misunderstood legal requirements.


IOSH allows us to add relevant attendee-specific details into the basic course content to make this training as effective as possible. 

We can deliver the course for one organisation with around 12 attendees or co-ordinate convenient venues for individuals or smaller groups of workers to attend.


IOSH Managing Safely course syllabus
Managing Safely v5 course syllabus.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [96.3 KB]





This seven module course is aimed at providing managers, or those in roles of responsibility, with the opportunity to learn more about safety management or develop their existing skills and knowledge around health and safety management. 


We can add forestry or arb related information, safety information and operational standards into the IOSH syllabus.

The 4 days can be delivered in one event or split over several days split over several weeks, the choice is yours and we aim to fit with whichever method is most convenient to your workloads.


There is a test paper and a risk assessment project at the end of the training, which ensures each attendee has a good understanding of the subjects covered. Employers can be assured that successful attendees can assist them in the day to day management of their specific safety systems and processes.

We also offer follow on support after the training to ensure attendees make the most of their skills and knowledge if required.



We divide the total course costs between the number of attendees so more people attending = less cost. We usually take up to 12 attendees per course as this gives a good ratio and keeps the cost per person low. 

As a guide the average cost per person is £270 (with no vat to add).


We become an IOSH Approved Training Provider in 2017

We are now pleased to offer the IOSH Managing Safely 4 day course which we have been delivering at venues in Scotland and England.


This is a well-recognised and highly regarded course, which can be made more employer or industry specific with the addition of relevant topics and information.


The training can be completed in one block of training over 4 days or it can be split into smaller blocks, completed over a number of weeks, if that is more convenient and fits better with your work load.


We are happy to discuss the details and options so just give Martin a call on 07901514259.

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